Our Story

The Name

Our name is inspired by the Latin word for “mint”.

  • The universally loved herb “mint” connotes freshness, new beginnings and growth. Isn’t that what life’s all about? Hope. Beginnings. Growth.
  • “Mint” also connotes money. It’s the place where money is manufactured (by the central banks).

The two meanings come together to define Menthum’s “A Fresh Way to Money”.

The Brand

Rather than being a noun (denoting a thing), we see “money” as a verb (denoting an action). So, take “… to Money” in our motto as you take “…to work”, “… to grow”, “… to dream”.

We believe there’s more to life than money. Yet money plays a key role in adding more to life. More joy, more success, more excitement… In the same spirit, Menthum is devised to add more to your life.

We wish Menthum to stand for all that makes life beautiful: dreams, hopes, hard work, ambition, success ….

The Beginning

The idea of Menthum is inspired by us ourselves feeling the need for a better way to money. Having worked in banking & finance for a considerable time, we realized that there are ways to make our money work harder for us. And we devised Menthum. For us and for you.

Menthum is started and managed by people like you. Professionals who believe in dreaming and working hard to achieve the dreams.

Thanks for your interest in Menthum: A Fresh Way to Money.

Menthum - A Glimpse

How it Works


Sign Up

Sign Up

Enter your mobile number and scan your National ID / Passport to automatically gather all information and make the process faster and then link your bank account. Yes, it’s that easy and fast!


Add money

Add money

Transfer money into your Menthum account at any time. With no minimum transfer amount, you can start with just 500 EGP!


Earn high returns

Earn high returns

Returns ~2X of a typical bank account




Withdraw money anytime without locked periods. You will also be able to transfer your funds from the app directly into a bank account!

Our Investors

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Happy Menthum Users

Menthum Money Wise

Elevate your financial literacy with Menthum Money Wise. Discover the power of money compounding and master the art of financial planning, and pave the way to financial success.

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About Us

  • Menthum is an Egypt-based FinTech venture. Brainchild of a team of professionals with deep domain expertise in banking & finance. Their passion for building solutions that enrich lives is the driving force of the venture. Menthum the company is licensed & regulated by the Financial Regulatory Authority of Egypt (FRA).
  • Menthum Mobile App is a digital saving solution, that’s simple, & secure. Its building blocks include customer-friendly design, innovative workflow, and a purpose-built mutual fund – Menthum Money Market Fund.
  • Menthum Money Market Fund is licensed & regulated by the FRA (Financial Regulatory Authority of Egypt) and managed by Azimut, a leading investment manager in Egypt. With security as its guiding principle, the fund invests exclusively in safe Egypt government T-bills.

Careers at Menthum

Grow, transform and empower your career by joining Menthum, together we build saving solutions to enrich lives through technology. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, working with Menthum could be a challenging and rewarding next step in your career.

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